Marketing Website

Resolve is a free financial management platform created by a team of passionate financial advisors, debt experts & technologists to provide affordable and unbiased help for people in financial distress.


Brand Identity

I started the redesign of the brand by speaking with the team to identify a list of characteristics they wanted the brand to represent. I then ran a user study to identify what characteristics consumers found compelling about other brands. I then designed a number of concepts and collected feedback from the team and consumers. Over a number of iterations and user tests I arrived at the logo you see below. The reason this logo was chosen was because the icon paired with the name clearly communicated what the company was with consumers. The modern look and feel resinated with consumers and helped them feel as if this was something new and different from existing solutions. Lastly, it felt simple. If the user's first impression of the brand is simple it indicated that the product and/or service would be simple to use.

Social Media

My goal was to provide value to a consumer by creating a collection of debt relief facts, value propositions and compelling imagery to captures their attention. My secondary goal was to be very consistent with the brand so that it was another touchpoint users would clearly associate with Resolve.

Marketing Website

The purpose of the marketing website was to first be an educational resource for users. Secondly, it was a lead generation tool that began the onboarding experience into the web application.